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Martial Arts Class



It's Belt Test time!

Congratulations on getting registered for your WCT Belt Test! 

You have worked so hard to this point, we want to help you prepare for what your test will consist of!




Just to confirm you are prepared, please make sure to look at your belt and find the following stripes!

White :  Grey/Silver  :  Green  :  Blue. :  Black

Do you have them all? Awesome! Let's move one!


Time Slots

Your next step will be to confirm the Time Pod you have registered for! This information is VERY important. Arriving late will force you to forfeit your spot in your test. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare, stretch, and get settled! 



Parent/Audience Etiquette 

Parents, please understand that this is a pressured situation for some of our students, here are a few notes to help eliminate distraction and promote respect for our Taekwondo school.

-Please refrain from speaking in the audience.

-Please turn off or silence your cell phone.

-If you have young children not testing, please make sure they sit properly in a seat, not on the Taekwondo floor.

-Please turn off the flash when taking photos/video

-Please refrain from getting up and moving around while our testing is in progress.



Do your absolute best!

No matter what, you have proven you are ready for this next step! Believe in yourself and let's all have a wonderful testing experience! 

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